We build a credit risk system for supply chain business and B2B marketplace

A better way of assessing risks in your supply chain and B2B marketplace with our proprietary credit scoring

Credit OK can build your credit risk system in 4 easy steps

1. Research

customer insights & credit needs

2. Gather

relevant data points

3. Create

forms and data pipelines

4. Build

industry-specific credit scoring models

How we can help you grow your business

Increase Sales with Confidence

Through more data visibility, you can make better decisions such as increasing credit for existing customers or offering new ways of payments (trade credit, short-term financing) to attract new customers

Retain Customer Loyalty

Build sustainable relationship with your customers with data by seeing clearly who your top lendees are, and reward them with better credit line

Save Cost and Operational Resources

Digitize & enhance your process technologies such as using eKYC instead of in-person manual fraud check, reducing collector time with automated repayment reminder SMS

Why use our proprietary credit risk system

Customized Credit
Scoring Model

We customize credit scoring model specific to each industry with our capabilities and know-how in preparing data for an automated credit scoring system.

Machine-learning powered
Risk Assessment

We leverage alternative data to assess credit worthiness, and cutting-edge machine learning models to speed up credit & loan underwriting process.

Digitize Your
Lending Process

With technologies such as eKYC and digital contract, our services provide, with high level of security, will speeding up your online application process. Plus, all your digital data are securely stored and owned by you.

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We Take your Data Security Very Seriously

Giving your data to others that you cannot trust can pose a big competitive disadvantage to your business. Rest assured that, for Credit OK, we only get data we need solely to build your credit system. The ownership of data remains in your hand and we do not have any intention to share or sell your data to anyone.

Financial Inclusion

Be the one enabling micro-entrepreneurs, the foundation of the country, to grow their business


Confidence in local contractors among home owners in South East Asia is low. Home owners often do not want to pay contractors upfront to purchase construction materials. As a result, contractors need to use their own cash to make advance payment for raw materials. This puts strain and limitation on contractors' ability to take on bigger projects.

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Investors & Sponsors

Leadership Team

Jet Tanthanapongphan

A Harvard & Stanford-educated serial entrepreneur with conviction to address financial inclusion challenges and over 10 years of experience in intellectual property strategy & management at SCG, one of the largest conglomerates in Southeast Asia.

Palm Norchoovech

Over 10 years of experience in data analytics & finance in Silicon Valley tech companies, such as Agoda, Airbnb, eBay & SAP.

Gap Chaonithi

A professional full-stack software developer with computer science research experiences in natural language processing, big data, and machine learning.